We also provide accommodation for the overseas student who is coming to Ireland for language courses. We have carefully selected each of our Irish Host Families/ Hostels / Private Accommodation to ensure excellent standards and that you are provided with friendly and comfortable accommodation.

Finding suitable accommodation while you study at Student Campus is relatively easy. Both extensive and competitively priced accommodation can be arranged for the student on request. All accommodation will be provided in self-catered houses/hostels/private accommodation and flats. There is a range of private housing and family accommodation in Limerick area surrounding the campus. If you would prefer any of these accommodation, the School can help you find a suitable place by providing you with guidance notes and up to date listings of available properties.

This may be an effective way for you to improve your English, learn about daily life in Ireland, and meet new, friendly people. Host Families/Hostels/ Private Accommodation also offer a more stable and secure environment for learners coming to study in Ireland.

Typically, a host family consists of an Irish family hosting a student in their home while the student attends classes in Ireland. Our college teaches English language skills in the classroom and Students practice these skills by speaking and communicating with the host family/friendly environment in the hostel or private accommodation. This makes classes fun and enjoyable, but also extremely effective.

Please contact our Student Campus team for further information

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is an Insurance policy you buy which means that if you become ill during your time in Ireland you won't have to pay for medical costs. Non-European Students are required by law to take out a health insurance policy. Student Campus can arrange general Medical Insurance on behalf of its Students. Please ask your marketing agent for more information related to this.

If you come from one of the EU member states, you are entitled to pay the same fees as an Irish person for visits to the hospital or the doctor. Make sure you request an E111 card before you arrive. Be aware though, that going to the doctor in Ireland costs around €50-60, which you may have to pay even with an E111 card. Buying health insurance (or travel insurance for a short course) may bring you peace of mind.

Please note: In respect of any claim made in relation to your policy, you would still need to pay any invoice given by the hospital and then submit it to the insurance company for a refund. Full details can be obtained upon request.

Many travel insurance policies will cover medical expenses, but only for the first 15 to 30 days from your arrival in the country. Once you are a student in Ireland, you will be officially resident here, so you will need health Insurance.

Benefits and Facilities

Student Campus will provide an excellent service to our students. We have well-equipped internet facilities and study areas. We have installed appropriate resources and equipment to support teaching. We expect our students to work hard towards achieving their educational objectives and we also appreciate the fact that learning should be an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Studying at Student Campus will give you the opportunity to be associated with the city of Limerick, Shannon, Cork, Killarney- arguably the world's most exciting and fascinating city. There are numerous world-famous attractions to visit e.g. Markus House, Cliffs of Moher, Dromoland Castle, and many more. Studying at Student Campus is not just about obtaining a certificate. There is plenty to do outside of pure academic study and to learn from these life experiences. For many, this could be a life-defining experience.

Learning Culture

The central focus at Student Campus is learning and encouraging others to learn. We are committed to developing a friendly and supportive environment. A true learning culture can be developed by combining two key elements: co-operation and competition. This can be achieved through individual feedback, group discussion, where you will be able to discuss and, hopefully, resolve any issues you may have.

Equality and Diversity

Based as it is in one of the world's leading multicultural nations, Student Campus will ensure equality of opportunity and fair treatment regardless of Gender, Age, Ethnic or Cultural Background, Marital Status, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Religious or Political Persuasion.

Student Campus believes every student has a responsibility to act within the law with regard to diversity, as with all matters. It is the duty of the individual to comply with the Equal Opportunity Policy and ensure its consistent application on a day-to-day basis.

Please refer to our policies & procedures in the Student Handbook.

Student Support

Careers Advice

Apart from giving general and individual advice, the School can give extra help to prepare your CV and improve your application and interview techniques. We have internet facilities which you can use for collecting information.

Counselling and Advice

The School provides you with the opportunity to receive help with any problems you may be experiencing. If you feel lonely, homesick, anxious, depressed, stressed or experience problem with your studies, come and see us. We will try to help you with any of these problems. The welfare service provides a comprehensive service to all students and offers information, help, and advice on a wide range of different subjects including external problems involving welfare rights, financial difficulties, legal questions, Home Office related issues, and also with the School's procedures and regulations. We have established many contacts with outside agencies so that, where necessary, specialist referrals can be made.

Disabled Student Support

The School provides advice and support to students with disabilities, physical difficulties, long-term medical conditions, sensory impairments or specific learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia). This includes advice on course-related study needs and assessments for students applying for support.
  • Support can include, but is not restricted to:
  • advice on course-related study needs
  • personal assistants
  • liaison with tutors and funding authorities
  • special provision for examinations
  • English Language Support
  • All tuitions and examinations at the School are in English, so a sound command of English language is essential to succeed in your course of study. The English that you use in higher education can sometimes be very different to the English that you have learned at your previous educational institutions. You need to be able to cope with reading, note-taking from lectures, books, journals and other materials, and be able to participate meaningfully in classroom discussions.