International Students

If you were to choose to study abroad, where should you go? Choosing the right institution for study is very important. There will undoubtedly be a great number of factors to take into consideration. For example, you may have to think about financial factors of furthering your education. Will the subject you aim to study be of any value when you return home?

At Student Campus, we offer an academic, social and cultural experience of the finest quality. You can study for internationally recognised and respected qualifications to help you achieve your personal and career objectives. You can learn and live in Limerick - one of the most exciting cities in the world. You can choose courses from various levels that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. With the qualification and knowledge, you gather at Student Campus, you can prepare for further studies in any other institution in the world.

1) Student fee protection

a) Protection in the event of programme termination
The Department of Justice requests that all providers must have in place arrangements, which will protect students in the event of a programme closing before completion. Student Campus has in place an Insurance Bond system which offers financial protection to students in the event of course not been completed. It is mandatory for all non-EEA students registering for courses at Student Campus to acquire such an Insurance policy. Student protection arrangements cover the period from when a student enrolls in a programme until the time that the student has completed the programme and the end of programme exams.

b) Protection for course fees paid in advance.
The Department of Justice requests that all providers must hold an escrow account for advance payments made by students for courses, which are dependent on the outcome of a visa application. Student Campus will set up a client account with a financial body regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for payments made in advance. Any payments will remain within this account until the student's visa application is determined. Should the visa application be refused, the funds will be returned within 20 working days of the decision being received by the provider, less any pre-indicated handling charge. These accounts are open to inspection by immigration officers.

2) Travel Plans

Unless you have already made your own arrangements for accommodation you should ideally plan your travel to arrive in Limerick, Ireland one to two weeks before the start of your course. However, if you have not arranged accommodation in advance, we can make a provisional booking on your behalf before you leave home, provided we receive your request in writing two weeks in advance of your proposed arrival in Ireland. Our aim is to make you feel at home in Ireland. Your accommodation is an extremely important part of your whole experience. The different locations where we accommodate students are all close to public transport, shopping centres, supermarkets, and banks. With Student Campus, you can rest assured that we will provide you with quality accommodation that best suits your needs. We are often approached by families in our locality who have rooms to let, especially to students, student houses, and hostels.

3) Airport Pickup

Student Campus offers an airport pick up service for all newly enrolled International students arriving in Ireland for the first time. Students will be collected from the Airport terminal and transported directly to their accommodation destination. Additional family members or friends of the enrolled student may also use the service free of charge if they travel together. Students can be collected 24 hours per day, 7 days a week from Dublin or Shannon airport but pick-ups must be pre-arranged.

4) Arrival in Ireland

You need to carry with you all the necessary documents including Unconditional Letter of Acceptance for Studies (Enrolment Letter) and evidence of financial support or sponsorship, as the Immigration Officer at the port of arrival may want to see these documents. You should also bring with you sufficient funds in Euro to meet your expenses on arrival. Please advise us of the date and time of your arrival, stating whether or not you have arranged accommodation. Please also inform us if you need transport from the airport to your final destination. If you have any further queries or need any other help, please contact us and we shall be happy to assist you.

a) Late arrival to Student Campus

In the event of your flight being delayed or cancelled or if there is any other genuine reason for your late arrival, we allow you to enrol up to 2 weeks late. In this case we can arrange for you to catch up your studies by taking extra classes concurrently. This time cannot be extended so please do not travel to Ireland after this time as you may not be permitted to enter at Irish border and you cannot register on your course at Student Campus. Please contact with Director of Studies immediately to book your place for next semester or alternative arrangement. If you are arriving at Student Campus, after the main enrolment period, then there are a few key pieces of information you should have. You will need to report to the Director of studies (DOS) for the following reasons:

Attendance If you go to class without reporting to the DOS, you will not receive attendance for those classes as your name will not have been added to the attendance list. Please meet with your DOS to get approval to join your classes and also collect your student ID card from administrative office.

School induction and information Your DOS will be able to provide you with any induction materials you should have. Administration staffs including the Student Liaison Officer are important people to know so this is a good opportunity to meet them!
Timetables Timetables will be provided to you for your course, in addition to your classroom, class teachers and so on.

Handbook Your Student Handbook is available on the Student Campus website - you should read through this and keep it bookmarked for future reference as it has a lot of information about your department and programme that you will often need to refer to. A printed copy is also available in the school.

Policy information Please ensure you are aware of Student Campus policies: These include health and safety, equal opportunities and anti-harassment, grievance and discipline. They can be found online and in printed form in the school.

b) Married Students and Families
Generally, accommodation in this category is more difficult to find. The School will, of course, try to give help in locating suitable accommodation for married students and their offspring, but it is to be stressed that the situation is more difficult than for a single person and the ultimate responsibility lies with the student concerned.

5) Attendance Policy

Attendance Information

Timetables Student timetable information is provided at the Induction Day and will also be displayed on the notice boards. Please check these regularly as rooms and timetables may change from time to time during your course. All changes are advised in advance.

Maintenance of student records All student records are maintained through the School software (SMS Systems). The software enables the management to keep and maintain a student database, which will include but is not limited to, all activities, admission details, class attendance, performance records, financial transactions etc. Every class has an official list on which all students’ names are printed; if your name is not on the list for your class, you must see the DOS/ADOS immediately. You will not be allowed into any class in which you are not officially registered. It is not possible for you to receive attendance for any class in which you are not officially registered.

Attendance policy The Student Campus attendance database is controlled by the DOS/ADOS and the teachers. Any absenteeism not covered by medical certification will be recorded as non-attendance and will be dealt with according to our low attendance policy.

  • A Student who arrives more than five minutes late will not be allowed into their class. Student may be admitted at the discretion of the Director of Studies. Student will have to wait for the break before being admitted into the class but he/she will not receive attendance for the first half of the class. However they must not disturb the class as they enter. Anyone leaving early will not receive attendance for second half of the class. If there is an emergency, student may request permission from the DOS to leave up to 15 minutes early. Nobody may leave more than 15 minutes early without losing attendance for that half of the class.
  • There are a number of ways to penalize lateness in the class. Student Campus has a strict policy which is two late arrivals in the class count as one absence.
  • Once you arrived late in the class please speak with your teacher after finishing your class to collect study materials provided by the teacher during your absent period of time to cover your missed out lesson
  • Student Campus strongly encourages students to be punctual at all times.
  • Students must maintain an attendance rate of 85%, as required by law.
  • If you do not attend class for three days consecutively, you name will be removed from the list and you will no longer be regarded as registered in your class. You must talk to the academic administration office to return your name to the list.
  • When students come to class late, it can disrupt the flow of a lecture or discussion, distract other students, impede learning, and generally erode class morale. Moreover, if left unchecked, lateness can become chronic and spread throughout the class.

Low attendance and expulsion If attendance is a provision of the Student’s visa, non-attendance may result in the loss of a student’s permission to study in Ireland. Should a non-EU Student’s attendance fall below the requirement laid down by the GNIB and Student Campus, disciplinary action will be taken against them, which could result in them having their enrolment with Student Campus terminated.

The automated attendance system
  • If after two weeks, your attendance falls below 85%, you will receive an email informing you that you need to maintain a higher rate of attendance (first warning).
  • If your attendance has not improved, you will receive a second, more strongly worded warning informing you that you need to improve your attendance. A note is made of any Student who responds to this email by phone, in person or by email.
  • After, if your attendance has not improved or you have failed to respond, the third and final warning is sent by email explaining that you must explain the reason for your low attendance or face possible expulsion. You will be made inactive and will have to come to the Academic Office to discuss the matter, provide a full and appropriate explanation along with supporting documentation. After, if attendance does not improve, the expulsion process will begin and GNIB will be contacted.
  • In addition, if after the first six weeks of class a student’s attendance falls below 75% the School is obliged to send this information to the GNIB.
  • If at any stage during their course attendance should fall to a level that makes it impossible for a student to reach an end-of-course target of 85%, the expulsion process will be activated by the DOS and the GNIB informed.
  • If the Academic Department are satisfied that every effort has been made by the academic team to assist the student and attendance has not improved they will be expelled. A notification of expulsion will be sent to GNIB.
  • Sick leave
    • Students are not entitled to any undocumented sick leave.
    • On the first day of sickness and on each day subsequently, a student MUST email the administration department ( that they will be absent from classes on that day. On the first day they return to class after sickness a student must submit a doctor’s certificate to the academic office. Attendance is not given for these days but a justification is entered on the student’s records. The procedure regarding absenteeism and expulsion referenced above will be activated.

    • Holidays and breaks
      • No unscheduled breaks are permitted.
      • In cases of close family bereavement, supporting documentation must be supplied to the school. A leave of absence of a maximum of 1 week may be granted in such cases. When a student is absent due to illness or bereavement, he/she can catch up missed lesson time by arrangement with his/her teacher.
      • Student attending courses on the ILEP register are entitled to holidays once they completed the course. Students attending these courses will have registered with Student Campus for a period of 25 weeks and these classes must be taken in full in a period consecutively.
      • Once agreed by the DOS, the holiday dates and tuition dates entered on the student’s entry on the database before starting the first lesion of that group and can’t be altered. These dates will be identified on the registration letter for. GNIB. Only specified Student Campus personnel are authorised signatories for this letter.
      Students receive a visa for 8 months from immigration. You attend Student Campus for the first 25 weeks of this year. The time after your course has finished, but in which your visa is still valid, is classified as holiday time.
      Most students begin their course within one week of their arrival in Ireland. Students attend induction on the first Friday after their arrival and begin their class the following Monday. Failure to attend induction will result in the student being made inactive. They must request to return to class at reception and attend the next induction. All of Student Campus's marketing agents are informed of the start dates for courses so Students can make arrangements to arrive in time for the start of their course.

      The student's course runs for 25 weeks consecutively from their first day in class. Students are not normally permitted any holidays other than public holidays, Easter week and the three-week Christmas breaks. Easter week and Christmas are not counted as part of a Student's 25-week course. Under no circumstances can students start their course with a holiday.