Why choose


Our school is well located, based in the heart of the city centre, surrounded by shops, restaurants, bus stops and supermarkets. It can be reached on foot or by bus from popular neighbourhoods. The building has four floors with plenty of space to learn English and get to know Irish culture better.

In our canteen, you can buy food and sit comfortably while you enjoy your meal. There are a microwave and electric kettle, coffee and tea for you to use. If you are in a rush you can also heat up your food, we have all the cutlery that you may need.

Our teachers are one of our assets as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are excited to help their students achieve their objectives!

At Student Campus, you will also find a library, computers, television, games, and lounge space to relax and enjoy your free time. All floors have access to internet using WIFI. In addition, the library has a vast collection for you to use and consult.
Our academic department is managed by an experienced Director of Studies and a team of well-qualified teachers. At our school, students have all the support and assistance from first contact until the last day on the island.
We believe that exchange is more than learning a language it is the experience of life. For those who are not able to communicate confidently in English, it is possible to speak your mother tongue with one of our Agents who are native to your country, so as that we provide private support for each student, during their stay in Ireland.
The focus in our school is to encourage communication and every activity is chosen to help develop these skills. All students who study with Student campus are provided with a course book for their level. 
The teacher will guide you through this book using a variety of methodologies and activities to ensure that you feel confident using the target language. 
Classes have weekly tests to assess student progress and teachers and the Director of Studies are available to discuss progress and set achievable goals. 
Teachers incorporate Irish culture into their lessons so you can learn more about your new home! Classes are also taken outside in various locations around the city when it is linked to the topic of the lesson to help students get a true experience of the language.